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The journey of life at BLIMPSH is one of creativity, teamwork, and development. We thrive as a team on creativity and welcome challenges, providing an accepting and welcoming workplace culture. We believe in giving our staff the freedom to pursue innovative ideas that have a real-world impact and fully realise their potential. Our team members feel fulfilled in every stage of their career at BLIMPSH because to opportunities for ongoing learning, adaptable work schedules, and a desire for excellence. Join us if you want to be a part of a thriving community where success is shared and talents are acknowledged. Career Positioning is shift from "entitlements" to "true rewards".

Current Open Position(s)

Currently, we are hiring for the above positions. If your profile matches the requirement, please go ahead and submit your application and we will get in touch with you soon..

Tele Callers

  • You will be at the frontline of our company's efforts to engage customers as a Tele Caller.
  • Your outstanding interpersonal and persuasion skills will be crucial in building relationships with prospects, generating leads, and turning enquiries into sales.
  • Join our thriving team and help us grow our clientele while refining your communication and bargaining abilities.


  • As the public face of our business, you will greet all clients and visitors with a smile and professionalism.
  • You'll be using your great multitasking and organisational skills as you handle incoming calls, schedule appointments, and offer administrative support.
  • Be the first point of contact for a business that values excellent customer service and efficiency by joining our team.

PROs (Public Relation Officers)

  • Join our vivacious public relations team as a PRO (Public Relation Officer) and help shape the favourable perception of our company.
  • As a PR officer, you will develop solid media connections, write persuading press releases, and plan exciting PR events.
  • Building a positive brand reputation and sustaining a strong media presence will be made possible by your exceptional communication abilities and strategic thinking.

Area Manager / Zonal Manager

  • As an Area or Zonal Manager, you will be essential in fostering company expansion and managing a number of sites.
  • With your strong managerial and leadership abilities, you will coach and inspire teams to hit sales goals and uphold operational excellence.
  • Join our company and help us create a collaborative and successful culture while extending our market reach.

HR (Human Resources)

  • Join our HR team and contribute significantly to the success of our organisation by bringing in, nurturing, and keeping excellent people.
  • You will be a key player in attracting top talent, supporting employee growth, and creating a supportive workplace environment as an HR professional.
  • The development and profitability of our business will depend heavily on your people-centered strategy and strategic HR initiatives.

Social Media Advertisers / Social Media Experts

  • Our internet marketing initiatives will put you in the spotlight as a Social Media Advertiser or Expert.
  • Your familiarity with social media platforms, analytics, and advertising technologies will help you to create focused campaigns that raise brand awareness and encourage customer interaction.
  • Join our team and use your innovation and analytical prowess to produce outstanding outcomes in the quick-paced field of social media marketing.


  • Join our team of talented YouTubers to share your knowledge and enthusiasm with our viewers.
  • Your captivating videos as a content producer will hold viewers' attention and strengthen our brand's online presence.
  • Whether you're a seasoned YouTuber or a beginner, we appreciate your inventiveness and commitment to creating informative and engaging material for our channel.

Graphic Designers

  • As a member of our imaginative team, you may create aesthetically beautiful designs to bring ideas to life.
  • Your artistic talent will influence the identity, marketing materials, and digital content of our company, enthralling consumers and making an impression that will last.
  • Join us to work with a creative team of experts where creativity and innovation are valued and where your designs will have a big impact on the success of our clients.

Website Designers

  • Work as a Website Designer on our web development team to create appealing and user-friendly digital experiences.
  • Build websites with developers and content producers to stand out in the online world and offer easy navigation for our devoted users.
  • Join a vibrant community where your abilities will influence how companies in various industries present themselves online.

Content Writer

  • If you want to release your creativity via compelling stories, join our team as a writer.
  • You will create intriguing articles, blog posts, and marketing materials as a major member of our content development team, engaging and motivating our audience.
  • Your enthusiasm for writing and meticulousness will be essential to enhancing our brand's voice and providing our readers with insightful content.
  • Join together with a variety of professions to create a vibrant workplace where your thoughts and comments will have a real influence.

Join our varied and bright team, and let's work together to change the marketing industry and more.